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We accept transfers from ohter dealers when you purchase on the internet.  Please follow the steps below:

1. Once your purchase is made go to the transfer page
2. Fill out the transfer form
3. We will take care of the rest

Once your firearm has arrived and is ready for pickup we will contact you.  Please dont call when you see it has been delivered as it can take up to 48 hours to receive and process the firearm


transfer fee for non range members - -$80.00
Transfer fee for range members - 50% of non member fee
Failure to fill out the transfer request form, transfer fee - $100.00

We do not accept transfer from individuals except in rare cases (estates).  If a gun is shipped from an individual, not a licensed FFL, the transfer fee will be $150.00 and there will be a 5 day delay.

Failure to pick up a gun within 30 days will result in a $30 storage fee for each 30 days we have to hold the firearm.